Is it Sustainable?


Research – Sustainability

Confident is such an awkward term to define. In this venture I have discovered there are many extreme sport websites and some dedicated blogs but I believe the area of interest is not overly saturated. My amateur marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills tend to make me naive of such exercises however I do think that there could be a market for a website dedicated to the psychology behind extreme sport athletes.

Such a website would contain research from academics marketing and advertising gurus while still staying current and change with the trends of the extreme sport culture. Although it’s very easy to write and say what it will be and represent, actually creating it and bringing it to life so to speak is much much harder.

There are many websites out there created to stay in touch with extreme sport events and athletes, there are not so many that are solely dedicated to the psychology links of why individuals take part in such life threatening activities.

Why do they do it? What makes them do it? Are very common questions that are on everybody’s lips after watching someone dive off a cliff with only an aero- dynamic suit to keep them alive. This is one of the reasons why I think a website dedicated to such questions would fill a void in the extreme sport market.

Not only would it be a one stop shop to all your extreme sport questions but it would also be of use to the friends and family members of an extreme sport athlete.

The sustainability of this website idea would mostly be through advertising extreme sport sponsors. It would also have the have links to other websites that talk more about extreme sport events and extreme sporting personalities. This caters for the extreme sport enthusiast and the extreme sport fan in keeping them up to date with all the goss from the crazy world of extreme sport.


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