Will it stay or will it go?


Research – Timeline of News articles

“700m plunge at Avalanche Gully: doctor killed in extreme skiing accident” the Sydney Morning Herald reported on August 25 2011.

“Extreme skier killed in 700-metre plunge” stated The Age online on August 25

“Australian Dr Graeme Nelson dies in ski accident at Mt Feathertop” declared the Daily Telegraph on August 25

And the headlines go on and on. At the beginning of this blogging exercise the term ‘Extreme sports’ was defined.

Although there are many different and complex definitions one could sum it up to being a sport that produces a certain level of risk to ones’ life.

Sadly these headlines are quite often read in the extreme sport industry. The risk that an individual takes when performing the death defying acts is what makes this topic both popular and at the same time, newsworthy.

Although it may never have a regular spot in the mainstream media publications it will always have followers.

The media followed this story until the very end. However it was not really the major players that stuck with the story but smaller regional papers and radio programs that reported on the community and the family of the deceased.

“Skiers body recovered from Mt Feathertop” Ninemsn news reported

“Skier who fell to his death at Mt Feathertop ‘not a risk-taker’” said The Herald Sun August 25

“‘Committed’ rural GP dies in tragic skiing accident”
from the Medical Observer August 26

“Eden mourns Doctor lost in ski plunge”
stated The Border Mail August 26

“Community farewells Dr Graeme Nelson”
from the Merimbula News September 7


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