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Research – Audience and Participants

This week it is all about research in extreme sports, who has done it and why. Since doing this blog I have discovered that compared to other interests, extreme sport has only a limited amount of fans. These fans also include researchers in either marketing, academic or even advertising. This made researching for this blog quite difficult.

However I am not here to disappoint. I have found two different studies one academic and the other more for marketing and advertising purposes. Both of these studies relate very closely to the same topic in extreme sport, what makes people do it?

The Daily Galaxy: the great discoveries channel, is a more marketing and advertising website almost commercial in its purpose but the research published on the website was done by a University of College London by Bianca Wittmann. The article talks about how British researchers have discovered that the human brain has a primitive area that makes us adventurous. The new research suggests “that new experience drives choice behavior in humans, even when the degree of familiarity with an option is completely unrelated to choice outcome”.

Studying Extreme Sports: Beyond the core participants discusses not only the limited range of extreme sport research but also looks beyond the subculture of the sport genre to examine the forms of authentic participation. This type of research is an academic paper from McMaster University by Michele Donnelly.

Having found two pieces of research on extreme sports it suggests that there is a market out there for a website dedicated to extreme sport research and findings. Although this idea is only in its raw and new babe stage, it does make you wonder and almost admire how much work goes into marketing to create a product for the right niche market.


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