But what’s in it?


Research – Common Form of Content

Okay so this week I will be discussing the most common forms of content representing my area if interest.

As you should know by now, the area that draws my particular interest is extreme sports and WHY people part-take in life threatening activities. There are many different theories but none of which I will focus on today because today I wish to tell you why I think that most forms of content in extreme sports seems to multiply itself via the medium of visual representation.

By visual representation I’m referring to mediums or media like, DVD’s, YouTube clips, Video’s, and Online Multi-media content. Although these are the main supporters of extreme sport print media still plays a small hand at the extreme sports table. Things like glossy photo shopped adventure advertising, posters and billboards, magizines that tell of a magical place far away from the hum drum office desk life.

The above mentioned forms of content may be different in delivery but all still have the same affect on the consumer. The strong visual images that stir feelings and passions that lay dormant inside a person in other surroundings. Although these forms of content play directly to the consumer’s visual sense it also captures their other senses like touch and sound.

Have you ever watched a snowboarding DVD or been a member in the crowd at a Banff Film Festival screening? Then you would know what I’m trying to say. With pumped up sound tracks, action packed sound effects and awesomely stunning visual photography or cinematography we can’t but help be in absolute awe of the extreme nut heads.

Thus my point is that any other form of content just wouldn’t have the same visual pull and stirrings of passion as what the above mentioned visual forms have in regards to extreme sports and really would you want it any other way?


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