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Research – Interacting Online

In this blog post I aim to explore who one should follow in the online world to establish themselves in a particular area of interest.

As there are quite a few websites a that dedicate themselves in some way to my area of interest I will only focus on a small hand full of them as some i have already mentioned in earlier blog’s.

Eric Brymer: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Brymer,_Eric.html Follow him by RSS feed. Why? Because he is an academic that has done extensive research in the area of extreme sports.

The Psych Files: http://www.thepsychfiles.com/2007/11/episode-35-the-psychology-of-extreme-sports/ Follow them by RSS Feed, Twitter and on Facebook. Why? Because it is run buy one guy, Micheal Britt and he offers in sight not only into extreme sport personalities but also talks more general about other everyday life activities which is great to compare against.

Science Line: http://scienceline.org/2009/07/health-konkel-extreme-sports-risk-psychology/ Follow them by RSS Feed and on Twitter. Why? Because this page offers more than just the psychology behind people who participate in extreme sports it also offers the science behind why people do what they do. It looks at why some people are more septible to extreme sports and risk taking activities compared to other who would much prefer a nice cup of tea and a comfortable warm couch.

Freecaster TV: http://freecaster.tv/ Follow them by Twitter and Facebook but also sign up to their Newsletter. Why? Becuase they cover all kinds of extreme sports events and individuals both in Australia but also world wide. This offers a solid overview of what is happening in the extreme sport arena.

Xsessions: http://www.xsession.com.au/ Follow them by RSS Feed. Why? Because of similar reasons to following Freecaster TV. They offer an extensive overview of the extreme sport area with particular focus to Australian Extreme Sporting events and Individuals.


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