Who’s done what, where and how?


Research – Critical Summary

In this blog I will explore and critically summarise who both media and individuals are publishing material in my chosen area of interest, Extreme sports.

With only the occasional news story of some extreme sporting event, achievement and/or death not much is published in the mainstream news. This is due likely because is such a small interest sport. Although many of the events get sponsorship and some degree of advertising one is still hard pressed to find extreme sporting stories featuring nightly on their television screens.

However that said of course online publication is found in abundance. Websites like, Xsessions tries to cover all areas of extreme sports and plays host to a vast number of multi-media information outlets. For example, videos, interviews, news, articles, activities and even a forum which invites visitors to the page to connect and share common interests.

Another popular online publication is Xreme Sports.com.au. Being another Australian website it is very similar in its formatting to Xsessions however it is set up as more of a public page, where extreme sport nut heads can upload and share video participating in their chosen activity.

Taking that video sharing page idea and expanding upon it one is likely to come up with a website like Freecaster.TV. A website purely designed to encourage budding adventure filmmakers to showcase their talents. It also offers live streaming of events being held around the world.

These three online publications are but a small snap shot of what is actually out there on the web and it is here that I will this blog for now.


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