What do you know?


Research – Media Professional

In this particular area of interest there are a few individuals that are or at the very least have engaged with online journalism in extreme sports.

Although from what my research has told me the definition of what makes an extreme sport is a difficult one to define as it keeps shifting from era to era.

In the 1980’s to the 1990’s for example the definition of extreme sport took a major make over when marketing guru’s covered the Xtreme games. One grossly over generalized definition of the term ‘extreme sport’ is “activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger” (wikipedia.org)

However in 2004 Joe Tomlinson redefined the term buy categorising each of the extreme sports into those that take place in the air, land and water. This was a massive shift in the industry as never before had it been done.

It has also been defined as a counter-cultural concept, “as the norms of the sportsmen often go against those of the social mainstream” (Juliapsych.wordpress.com) Which I must admit is easy to see as most people would decline an offer to tied themselves to a piece of stretchy cord and jump off a bridge.

In 2005 Eric Brymer’s paper the ‘Extreme Dude: A Phenomenological Perspective on the extreme sport experience’ suggests that the broad definition for extreme sports has created a confusing array of research findings however from said findings, Brymer concludes that the young, male, thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky stereotype is exposed as an over simplification. Instead extreme sport participation points to a more potent, life-enhancing endeavour.


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