What is my area of Interest?


Okay here is my first blog of the semester for Online News 2 and I have thought long and hard about what my area of interest will be and have come to the vital decision that extreme sports will be the theme that holds the flags.

This is not just an interest that is studied through books and Google searches and is safely examined from the comfort of indoors but something that I physically participate in and one day wish it to become a life choice or even a career.

During this semester in Online News 2 I aim to use these blogs to explore not just extreme sports but more the psychology behind them.

Have you ever watched an extreme snowboarding DVD or rock climbing video on YouTube and thought to yourself, why the hell do that, there insane!? Well that is the question that I hope to answer this semester with these blogs.

With research from sport psychologists’ and extreme adventure nuts I intend to look at all sides of the picture by asking many question’s some of course more in depth than others. These include but are not limited to:

• What makes people participate in these kinds of activities?
• Is it an escape for them?
• How do their friends and family feel about them taking such life threatening risks?
• How do they support themselves, emotionally, physically and financially?
• Are they sponsored?
• Do they have to raise money?
• Why is it only some people that do it?
• What is different about them that make them want to participate in extreme sports?
• Can they get addicted to it?
• Do they have a higher fear factor threshold than others?
• Do they consider the consequences?
• Do they cover themselves with insurance?
• Will they ever feel like they are satisfied with what they have achieved or will they just keep on going?

This of course will grow and become a more solid definition of what I’m aiming for during the next few weeks but for now it gives a broad over view of my area of interest.


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