666 ABC Internship


Day Nine

The day started off slow and routine like. Pitching story ideas and not making much progress in that area. It was not until after the morning program had gone to air that I told producer of the morning program Gabrielle Rumble that I would like to do another package. This time on something that would be a bit more fun and entertaining, the Greenfaces comedy festival.

With this package though I wanted to not tell about how the festival works but to explore how a comedian prepares for his or her routine. Is it a craft that can be learned or is it just a something that a person has to posses.

This package I truly did feel the pressure of the deadline looming as I only had one more day left at the ABC for my internship and this was to air on the Monday morning program and the one day that I had left was to be spent outside broadcasting live from Garema Place.

This meant that I had to record the package that eventful Thursday night at the festival and then get up and into the studio by 5am the next morning to start editing it together.

This package was the most fun I had had in ages not just the journalism side of it but socially as well. The crew out at Greenfaces we’re more than helpful and the Adelaide contestants we’re so friendly and welcoming. I hadn’t experienced honesty and open arms like that for a long long time and it was a real breath of fresh air.

The art of telling a cracker joke package:
Is the art of telling a joke as easy as it looks?


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