666 ABC Internship


Day Six

9am saw me driving from the ABC studios in the seriously marked ABC red commodore to interview Michael Richards, the Manager of Research and Collection Development at the Museum of Australian Democracy for my Mrs Prime Ministers wives exhibition package.

The exhibition explores the lives and the roles that each individual woman carried out during their husband’s time as Prime minister.

Whilst there I have to confess that I was nervous, not because I felt I haven’t had enough experience interviewing people but because I was representing the ABC.

Once I got back to the studios I spent the day editing my package. Also called up the ABC’s archives for clipping of the Prime Ministers wives speaking. By editing in quotes from the women it added another dimension to the radio package and gave it depth.

In just one day however I discovered that I did not in fact know everything about journalism. Although university had prepared me better than I could have done myself I did learn some extremely helpful tricks when interviewing and also in the editing suite. Things like when handling a microphone wrap the cord around your hand so you don’t get feedback from the lead when you’re recording amongst other things.

Mrs Prime Ministers Wives Package and Story: Mrs Prime Ministers\' Wives Package


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