666 ABC Internship


Day Five

An extremely educational day in where I got to go out with the 666 ABC radio crew and film a segment for FEAST, a yearlong project where each month represents a different theme of food. This month the theme was fast and it was decided to hop along to the teppanyaki restaurant in Manuka to talk to the owner while the chef is preparing and showing off his fast cooking style.

Not only did I learn a lot about the style of Japanese cooking that is teppanyaki but I also picked up some helpful hints about how to film on location. The camera crew we’re extremely willing to give me some pointers on what type of shots I want to be getting and how much footage I should be filming.

Later that day, back at the studio I was told more tips for preparing a radio package which were similar to the pointers I had gotten of the camera crew.

• Plan it out- the length of the package, how you want it to sound will you lay over any background noise or music, how are you going to open and close it.

• Prepare your interview- direction do you want your questions to take, how many questions will you ask (best to only ask a couple)

• How much footage should you get- depends on the package length, if the package is for 5mins then 10mins worth of footage would be fine)

• Ask the questions in the order you want them edited. This saves time when editing the package together.

All in all a very educational week.


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