666 ABC Internship


Day Ten

A nice and early start at 5am to get my editing under away before the morning crew arrive at 7am to set up for the outside broadcast. With most of my package done and edited I felt confident that today I would be able to leave at the nominated time of 3pm and not 5pm like some of the other days.

With the helpful hints and tricks from the ABC team it wasn’t long before my package was on the home stretch. Had I had more time I would have liked to tweek it a bit to make it sound tighter but sometimes these things can’t be helped.

So with the audio of the package finished by the 7am deadline I assisted the morning crew in setting up for the outside broadcast where the mercury had not risen above -8 degrees. Thus I assisted in getting coffees for the crew to warm the hell up.

Never being a witness to an outside broadcast before I was amazed at how smoothly it all went. Even when we had to organize 50 or so primary school kids to sing live on air.

With the final minutes counting down to what was a lovely and crusie broadcast cheers of joy erupted from passer-by’s and crew members. It was another working week over and with that an internship.

Back at the studios’ I filed away my online story for my radio package for the online crew to upload it on Monday when the package goes to air, handed in my security pass and left the ABC and the Internship behind.

Amazingly I survived.

666 ABC Live Outside Broadcast from Canberra\'s city centre: Vox pops, Gauge the temperture from passers by


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