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Will you come and play with me?


Research – Interacting Online

In this blog post I aim to explore who one should follow in the online world to establish themselves in a particular area of interest.

As there are quite a few websites a that dedicate themselves in some way to my area of interest I will only focus on a small hand full of them as some i have already mentioned in earlier blog’s.

Eric Brymer:,_Eric.html Follow him by RSS feed. Why? Because he is an academic that has done extensive research in the area of extreme sports.

The Psych Files: Follow them by RSS Feed, Twitter and on Facebook. Why? Because it is run buy one guy, Micheal Britt and he offers in sight not only into extreme sport personalities but also talks more general about other everyday life activities which is great to compare against.

Science Line: Follow them by RSS Feed and on Twitter. Why? Because this page offers more than just the psychology behind people who participate in extreme sports it also offers the science behind why people do what they do. It looks at why some people are more septible to extreme sports and risk taking activities compared to other who would much prefer a nice cup of tea and a comfortable warm couch.

Freecaster TV: Follow them by Twitter and Facebook but also sign up to their Newsletter. Why? Becuase they cover all kinds of extreme sports events and individuals both in Australia but also world wide. This offers a solid overview of what is happening in the extreme sport arena.

Xsessions: Follow them by RSS Feed. Why? Because of similar reasons to following Freecaster TV. They offer an extensive overview of the extreme sport area with particular focus to Australian Extreme Sporting events and Individuals.


What do you know?


Research – Media Professional

In this particular area of interest there are a few individuals that are or at the very least have engaged with online journalism in extreme sports.

Although from what my research has told me the definition of what makes an extreme sport is a difficult one to define as it keeps shifting from era to era.

In the 1980’s to the 1990’s for example the definition of extreme sport took a major make over when marketing guru’s covered the Xtreme games. One grossly over generalized definition of the term ‘extreme sport’ is “activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger” (

However in 2004 Joe Tomlinson redefined the term buy categorising each of the extreme sports into those that take place in the air, land and water. This was a massive shift in the industry as never before had it been done.

It has also been defined as a counter-cultural concept, “as the norms of the sportsmen often go against those of the social mainstream” ( Which I must admit is easy to see as most people would decline an offer to tied themselves to a piece of stretchy cord and jump off a bridge.

In 2005 Eric Brymer’s paper the ‘Extreme Dude: A Phenomenological Perspective on the extreme sport experience’ suggests that the broad definition for extreme sports has created a confusing array of research findings however from said findings, Brymer concludes that the young, male, thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky stereotype is exposed as an over simplification. Instead extreme sport participation points to a more potent, life-enhancing endeavour.

Who’s done what, where and how?


Research – Critical Summary

In this blog I will explore and critically summarise who both media and individuals are publishing material in my chosen area of interest, Extreme sports.

With only the occasional news story of some extreme sporting event, achievement and/or death not much is published in the mainstream news. This is due likely because is such a small interest sport. Although many of the events get sponsorship and some degree of advertising one is still hard pressed to find extreme sporting stories featuring nightly on their television screens.

However that said of course online publication is found in abundance. Websites like, Xsessions tries to cover all areas of extreme sports and plays host to a vast number of multi-media information outlets. For example, videos, interviews, news, articles, activities and even a forum which invites visitors to the page to connect and share common interests.

Another popular online publication is Xreme Being another Australian website it is very similar in its formatting to Xsessions however it is set up as more of a public page, where extreme sport nut heads can upload and share video participating in their chosen activity.

Taking that video sharing page idea and expanding upon it one is likely to come up with a website like Freecaster.TV. A website purely designed to encourage budding adventure filmmakers to showcase their talents. It also offers live streaming of events being held around the world.

These three online publications are but a small snap shot of what is actually out there on the web and it is here that I will this blog for now.

What is my area of Interest?


Okay here is my first blog of the semester for Online News 2 and I have thought long and hard about what my area of interest will be and have come to the vital decision that extreme sports will be the theme that holds the flags.

This is not just an interest that is studied through books and Google searches and is safely examined from the comfort of indoors but something that I physically participate in and one day wish it to become a life choice or even a career.

During this semester in Online News 2 I aim to use these blogs to explore not just extreme sports but more the psychology behind them.

Have you ever watched an extreme snowboarding DVD or rock climbing video on YouTube and thought to yourself, why the hell do that, there insane!? Well that is the question that I hope to answer this semester with these blogs.

With research from sport psychologists’ and extreme adventure nuts I intend to look at all sides of the picture by asking many question’s some of course more in depth than others. These include but are not limited to:

• What makes people participate in these kinds of activities?
• Is it an escape for them?
• How do their friends and family feel about them taking such life threatening risks?
• How do they support themselves, emotionally, physically and financially?
• Are they sponsored?
• Do they have to raise money?
• Why is it only some people that do it?
• What is different about them that make them want to participate in extreme sports?
• Can they get addicted to it?
• Do they have a higher fear factor threshold than others?
• Do they consider the consequences?
• Do they cover themselves with insurance?
• Will they ever feel like they are satisfied with what they have achieved or will they just keep on going?

This of course will grow and become a more solid definition of what I’m aiming for during the next few weeks but for now it gives a broad over view of my area of interest.

666 ABC Internship


Day Ten

A nice and early start at 5am to get my editing under away before the morning crew arrive at 7am to set up for the outside broadcast. With most of my package done and edited I felt confident that today I would be able to leave at the nominated time of 3pm and not 5pm like some of the other days.

With the helpful hints and tricks from the ABC team it wasn’t long before my package was on the home stretch. Had I had more time I would have liked to tweek it a bit to make it sound tighter but sometimes these things can’t be helped.

So with the audio of the package finished by the 7am deadline I assisted the morning crew in setting up for the outside broadcast where the mercury had not risen above -8 degrees. Thus I assisted in getting coffees for the crew to warm the hell up.

Never being a witness to an outside broadcast before I was amazed at how smoothly it all went. Even when we had to organize 50 or so primary school kids to sing live on air.

With the final minutes counting down to what was a lovely and crusie broadcast cheers of joy erupted from passer-by’s and crew members. It was another working week over and with that an internship.

Back at the studios’ I filed away my online story for my radio package for the online crew to upload it on Monday when the package goes to air, handed in my security pass and left the ABC and the Internship behind.

Amazingly I survived.

666 ABC Live Outside Broadcast from Canberra\'s city centre: Vox pops, Gauge the temperture from passers by

666 ABC Internship


Day Nine

The day started off slow and routine like. Pitching story ideas and not making much progress in that area. It was not until after the morning program had gone to air that I told producer of the morning program Gabrielle Rumble that I would like to do another package. This time on something that would be a bit more fun and entertaining, the Greenfaces comedy festival.

With this package though I wanted to not tell about how the festival works but to explore how a comedian prepares for his or her routine. Is it a craft that can be learned or is it just a something that a person has to posses.

This package I truly did feel the pressure of the deadline looming as I only had one more day left at the ABC for my internship and this was to air on the Monday morning program and the one day that I had left was to be spent outside broadcasting live from Garema Place.

This meant that I had to record the package that eventful Thursday night at the festival and then get up and into the studio by 5am the next morning to start editing it together.

This package was the most fun I had had in ages not just the journalism side of it but socially as well. The crew out at Greenfaces we’re more than helpful and the Adelaide contestants we’re so friendly and welcoming. I hadn’t experienced honesty and open arms like that for a long long time and it was a real breath of fresh air.

The art of telling a cracker joke package:
Is the art of telling a joke as easy as it looks?

666 ABC Internship


Day Eight

Vox popping on a beautiful warm sunny winter’s morning was a welcome change as opposed to sitting in front of a computer screen and pitching story ideas.

Out and around Garema Place was where I was asking a random selection of Canberran about what they think of the city centre, Garema place and city walk especially since the centre’s North Quarter has opened.

The questions I asked were open ended and I tried to make sure they were not leading in any way.

What brings you to civic today?

How often do you come to the city?

Why do you come to civic?

What do you like or dislike about civic?

Has civic changed since the centre has opened up the north quarter?

I must admit that I enjoyed this experience quite strongly. Just being outside was a relief and a pleasure I almost didn’t want to go back to the studio to edit my package together but reluctantly I set off in the brightly marked ABC Commodore and edited my package together.

To my surprise the editing didn’t take that long, perhaps I was getting use to the program called Netia or perhaps it was because I had taken onboard the helpful tips and tricks from the ABC morning team and the Manager Jordie Kilby.

Either way it was a very pleasant way to spend a day.