Social Media: Professional vs Personal


This week in class we looked at how particular forms of social media like twitter and facebook have defined the way that Journalist today have to go about communicating.

In particular we looked at whether or not it’s best to have a personal and professional account of both twitter and facebook or to have one account single account that is used for both presonal and professional uses.

For myself I beleive that having a seperate account for personal twitter and profesional twitter is not only safer but more respectable and is viewed as being my professional in the relam of online media.

However not everyone shares this view as the online journalism world remains divided on which is the best solution.

Take Mark Colvin for instance, on twitter and has limited lists for news organisations and or personnal chit chat.

One the other side of the street however, Annabel Crabb is more organised and has set lists for News and other stuff.

Although the method of organising your twitter lists into personal and professional can help create a more professional outlook I believe it is best to just have a seperate account altogether.

Another area of the online media sector that I had to face this semester was the use of moblie phones to update, check and comment on and in the online relam. Whether it be Facebook and or twitter not having an iphone I beleive made me just that little bit behind in recent and current news updates.

However on a lighter note the end of my phone contract is coming up and maybe this experience will incourage me to buy an iphone.
Lol 🙂


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