Networking the News Environment


For this weeks blog I am only going to use two examples of the online news organisation environment and that is the ABC and the Daily Telegrapgh.

For this blog I will examine and analyse the differences and simlarities between the two news groups.

As we all know online news consumption is quickly becoming the heart and soul of the News organisation. People are less likely to buy a newspaper during the weekdays as time is limited. Thus people are turning to online news website to get there daily fill of news.

So to the nitty gritty, the ABC online news sector is quite expansive, meaning it covers all areas. Some could go as far to say its quite innovative with what it’s trying to do and achieving.

An example of this is the ABC Open website. A website that dedicates itself to the community and there stories. This is something that the Daily Telegraph does not do. but is not to say that one is any less important than the other rather than they simply have different audiences and goals.

The Daily Telegraph, for example is more committed to news stories and not the individual stories within a community like the ABC open. What I mean by this is that the Telegraph is a different organisation with different goals and outcomes.

If you look at both the websites side by side there are many simlarities between the too. A good example of this is that they are both user friendly. The tools that make them such are the sub headings and quick links at the top of the page.

One main difference that I would like to point out is the the ABC features very little ads at the top of its page, where the Telegraph have ads at the top of their page which are almost the same size as the news story video next to it.

However like I mentioned earlier, the two examples I have choosen are aimed at different audiences thus there online content will and also will be different.


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