Multimedia Slide show pitch


This week in class we presented our multi-media slide show pitches. My group consisted of Ashley Leal, Kimberly Granger and myself.

After much discussion on what topic to cover we decided on doing a slide show of the big issue vendors and ask how and why they sell the big issue.

It was an interesting discovery for myself as I had never really brought the Big Issue magazine. We discovered that the Canberra edition was organised by a lady called Julie who worked at the Woden Community Centre.

It was from her that we got invited to the Big Issue magazine launch on a Friday afternoon. A new issue of the magazine is released every fortnight and each fortnight the Woden Community Centre holds BBQ’s where almost all the Canberra Big Issue vendors come along to catch up and have a festive time.

The editing side of the assignment was quite interesting. I mean without the knowlegable tech guys in building nine, our slide show would have been very dull indeed. However after many many hours in the computer labs we finally pieced together our assignment.

And the end result, I have to say is quite pleasing. You can find it by clicking on mutli-media slide show on my blog.



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