Ok so for this weeks blog you will need a bit of back ground knowledge and here it is.

When I first heard of 104.7fm I was only a youngster traveling trough Canberra with my parents. However since doing a Journalism degree at the University of Canberra it has always played at the back of my mined that getting a job with a radio station would be a dream achieved.

Thus today I went for an interview at 104.7fm and let me tell you that radio stations look completely different in real life than what you picture in your head.

The job I was applying for was the Black thunder position. I know, I know, not exactly the most important role in the station but its a key step into the radio realm.

As I found out today that radio stations tend to be quite internal when it comes to jobs and progressing the ladder. But hopefully this time next week I will be coming to you through your radio.

So stay tuned.


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