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The role of the Blog: Week 9 tutorial


Today’s tutorial was very much examining the role of the online blog. By looking at blog’s from well used news websites like

The blogger that we looked at was Ben Groundwater. A travel writer and blogger for the Sydney Morning Herald. We discovered that he was very conversationalist in tone and quite down to earth. He looks at the issues and problems the everyday backpacker experiences whilst on the road. This makes him very easy to relate to.

Although he has a twitter account and his own personal blog he doesn’t seem to reconnect with his audience through the comments page on the SMH blog. Even on twitter, his posts are only in reference to what he is doing and thinks. No real conversations with followers etc unless he is doing research for his blog.

The only time he seems to be interested in feedback is in the SMH blog via email or the twitter site. He takes suggestions on board and states it in his blog. However most comments on his blog are friendly and short in length and tone.

On the complete other side of the coin however is a blogger by the name of Andrew Bolt. A political blogger for the Herald Sun seems more brave in his blog posts than Ben Groundwater. Andrew Bolt can come across as quite harsh in his opinion and especially when he is replying to a comment on the comment thread. He tends to involve himself in the conversations on the comment thread a lot more than other bloggers. This is sometimes upsetting to some but it does invite disscussion and reaction.

Thus what is the role of the humble blog? Is it to inform an audience? Should it always be an unbias piece of writing? or is it to provoke debate? For now I leave this for my audience to decide.