Think Box wk 5


I suppose my greatest interest in Journalism and the main reason why I signed up to uni was that it would lead to travel writing. One of my biggest passions in travel was the experiences it brings to a persons life. As such I would recommend anybody to travel. It is one of the best things, especially as a young person that isn’t tied down or has no committments can do to gain the precious life experiences.

The two online media outlets that I have chosen are the Matador network, which is an online based travel magizine and Lonely Planet a more widely published and purchased travel orginisation.

The main differences between the two orginsations is that the Lonely planet both publish online and travel books, whereas the matador network only publish online. However in saying that both are opperating for the public and travel enthusiast by having blogs and websites dedicated to all.

The other big difference I should mention is that the Lonely Planet has a larger audience base which has been established for a longer period of time than that of the matador network.

With these two major orginisation both offer a personalised publication service and with alot of support to travel and helping people pursue their passion whether it be either, writing, photograghy, travel hits or just making recommendations to places and sites to visits.


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