As a budding Journalist student at the University of Canberra one can only begin to imagine how journalist exsisted without all this brand spanking new technology.

It is in this Online unit in particular that I am becoming highly aware of how relevent everything in this course will and is going to be when were are both undertaking our internships and then working in the field as a Journalist.

It has however, taken me by suprise at just how large the consumption of the News diet  really is for budding young journalists. It is almost exhausting trying to keep up with all the domains of media. With twitter and facebook updates, personnal blogging posts, following other bloggers and twitter profiles, chasing the news websites with up to the minute and breaking news stories as well as watching and listerning to news bulletins both on the Television and radio broadcasts.

Having said all that however, I understand the great importance of having such a diet if we are serious about becoming professionals.


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