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Odds of the Christchurch and Japan Eathquakes happening so close together?


I’m just curious as to the odds of the Christchurch earthquake and the Japanese earthquake occuring in such a short time between each other. In such cases as these some might say that it is hardly worth comparing as the damage caused by each is on a completely differernt scale to the other.

For a good summary of why earthquakes happen where they happen and in particular reference to the Christchurch earthquake please click on the link above.

Dr Gibson, an expert in the field of earthquakes suggests that the reason why the Christchurch earthquake was more effective and sereve the second time round all has to do with the epicentre. He explains that the Christchurch earthquake epicentre was only fairly shallow and located directly under the city. This had a significant impact as the quake zone was expanded to 10 – 20kms out from the epicentre, which includes most of the city. Gibson also suggests that because it was only a shallow epicentre the magintude of the quake was lessened.

The Japan earthquake on the other hand, was on a completely different playing field.  The epicentre was almost 129 kilometres out from the Japanese coastline, near Sendai and about 32 kilometres deep into the earths ocean bed. This, by using Gibsons theory means that because the epicentre is deeper then the earthquakes magintude would be alot higher. And as we have wittnessed, by reaching an 8.9 magintude on the richter scale. This means that if the epicentre had been closer to Japan then the effects of the earthquake might have been alot more intense.

One last thing before I wrap this weeks blog up is that if I could direct you to this website. It tells of how a youtube video predicts both the Christchurch and the Japan earthquakes.

Perhaps I should also mention that there has been alot of talk about how Japan could withstand the earthquake but it was the tsunami that really shook the entire country. I give credit to the japanese in how they have been handling the situation and also to all those pitching in and donating both money and there time to help those in need. A good example of this can be found here.

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Think Box wk 5


I suppose my greatest interest in Journalism and the main reason why I signed up to uni was that it would lead to travel writing. One of my biggest passions in travel was the experiences it brings to a persons life. As such I would recommend anybody to travel. It is one of the best things, especially as a young person that isn’t tied down or has no committments can do to gain the precious life experiences.

The two online media outlets that I have chosen are the Matador network, which is an online based travel magizine and Lonely Planet a more widely published and purchased travel orginisation.

The main differences between the two orginsations is that the Lonely planet both publish online and travel books, whereas the matador network only publish online. However in saying that both are opperating for the public and travel enthusiast by having blogs and websites dedicated to all.

The other big difference I should mention is that the Lonely Planet has a larger audience base which has been established for a longer period of time than that of the matador network.

With these two major orginisation both offer a personalised publication service and with alot of support to travel and helping people pursue their passion whether it be either, writing, photograghy, travel hits or just making recommendations to places and sites to visits.

International Womens Day


As I have already tweeted. Why is it that International Day for women is today celebrating its 100th Birthday yet International Day for men only started globally in 1999?

It is an interesting point that men have gone by the last 90 years or so not needing a day to celebrate being a man. Must we women still have to shout out about the injust that we suffered in the past? Anybody listerning to the 666am Local Canberra station today would of heard other women suggesting the same thing. Go to  and listen to celebrating women.

All I’m saying is that maybe it is time to be thankful and proud for what achievments women have accomplished over the years and leave it at that.



As a budding Journalist student at the University of Canberra one can only begin to imagine how journalist exsisted without all this brand spanking new technology.

It is in this Online unit in particular that I am becoming highly aware of how relevent everything in this course will and is going to be when were are both undertaking our internships and then working in the field as a Journalist.

It has however, taken me by suprise at just how large the consumption of the News diet  really is for budding young journalists. It is almost exhausting trying to keep up with all the domains of media. With twitter and facebook updates, personnal blogging posts, following other bloggers and twitter profiles, chasing the news websites with up to the minute and breaking news stories as well as watching and listerning to news bulletins both on the Television and radio broadcasts.

Having said all that however, I understand the great importance of having such a diet if we are serious about becoming professionals.